Operating in the oil and gas industry, the working environment with high risk and strict safety requirements, POS regards safe operation at all company levels as a core value. We maintain an integrated health, safety and environmental management framework to mitigate harm to the health and safety of employees, clients, contractors, the public and the environment. Our Safety Management System is continuously reviewed and improved over years.


All POS operations are certified by Det Norske Veritas according to the international accepted standards code, ISO 9001 – Quality Management system, ISO 14001 – Environmental Management system and OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety. POS also has developed its Management System to meet the requirements of the ISM code- International Safety Management Code and ISPS code – International Ship and Port Facility Security Code for safe operation of ships and pollution prevention.

POS HSE Policy is a written statement of the Management’s commitment and intent with regards to the HSE Management. The objectives of the Policy is to develop and implement excellent HSE programs which is fundamentally formulated to suit the Company’s operations and aimed to prevent all accidents, occupational illnesses and diseases, pollution of the environment and property losses.

The management of POS considers the health and safety of its employees and the protection of the natural environment is uppermost in the company’s business.




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